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The aerial course has 44 different obstacles and soars 21 metres in to the air!

With so much to do, we’re sure everyone will find something they love! It’s the tallest urban ropes course in the UK and its right here in Lincolnshire. It’s got 4 levels to give everyone a thrill! Our instructors will fit you with all the safety equipment you need before giving you a full safety brief and a chance to practice on the ground. After that you will be set loose on the course to have as much fun as you can for the rest of your visit!

To use the main course you need to be over the age of 6 and over 1.2m tall. If you are between 1.2m-1.4m or under the age of 10 you will need to be accompanied by an adult at all times on the course. You will also need to be under 120kg (18.5 stone) to access the course.

Here are some examples of all of our elements. They’re graded by colour, Blue is the easiest, red is medium and blacks are the most challenging but don’t be fooled! Just because it’s a blue doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park!

At A Glance

Compass Gardens is a great place to view our spectacular course and watch the daring climbers. Take a close look, gain some tips on how to complete the obstacles for when you decide its your turn to have a go.


The Jolly Fishermans net:

See life from a Fish-Eye-View! Scramble your way through the fishing net to the other side. Try not to get caught by the Jolly Fisherman!

Altitude 44 Airways:

When you’re on the course you might feel like you’re flying through the air. Now you can in our very own Altitude 44 plane.

The Surfboard:

Test your balance as you ride the waves with a difference. Theres not many people can say they’ve surfed in mid air!

Row Row Row your Boat:

Paddles at the ready! All aboard the SS Altitude 44

Rings of Fire:

One of our more difficult obstacles, although on the first level, this black dificulty obstacle will have your arms feeling the burn!

Rescue Rings:

Can you stay afloat? Leap from ring to ring, try not to fall off!


They say you never forget how to ride a bike, we think you’ll never forget riding a bike in mid air!

Deck Chair:

Need a rest? Our deck chair is a great place to work on your tan. Just remember you’re 21 meters up and you can’t jump in to the sea!

The Wrecking Ball:

“…And came in like a wrecking baaaalll”

Candy Cane:

Navigate your way through the biggest sticks of rock seen in Skegness. Just try not be tempted to eat them!

Ring a ding ding:

Did someone say lunch time?! Nope sorry that was just someone at the top of the course ringing the big bell. Walk out on the small beam reach for that bell and give everyone down below a BIG WAVE!

Flying Carpets:

….Easier said than done! Move from carpet to carpet as they sway in the swirling winds!