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If you haven’t done it as part of the booking process, you’ll get an email asking you to complete your waivers in the days running up to your booking. Simply click the link on that email to complete your waivers!

You can also complete your waivers by clicking the button below and logging in!

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What to wear

Before you take part in your adventure with us, please ensure that you’ve prepared yourself properly for your visit.

Make sure you’re wearing trainers or shoes which tie on securely and aren’t going to fall off! Please don’t wear open toed shoes or sandals. High heels aren’t appropriate either (we know you want to look your best on the course!)

Lastly, please don’t wear a skirt or short shorts! We don’t want the harness to rub against your skin so please ensure your legs are covered to the tops of your knees. Please also ensure your tummy is covered for the same reason.

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You’re ready to go!

If you have long hair, please tie it back so that it doesn’t get caught up in anything.

You’ll also need to take off any rings if possible or we’ll give you some tape to cover them. If you have large earrings we’ll also ask you to take them out.

Make sure you wear clothing appropriate to the weather. Altitude 44 operates in almost all weathers and if we have to close due to the weather, we’ll post it on our social media channels and notify all of our pre-booked customers. If you haven’t heard from us it probably means we are open!

When you arrive, simply head to the reception to sign in then an instructor will meet you to start your adventure!

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